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Ori-tech Oils

Ori-Tech Lubricants Products and TDS

We have the full range (Gas Engine & FPM) of quality Ori-Tech oils and greases available from small packs sizes right through to bulk oil and greases deliveries in own fleet of specialized delivery vehicles.

Ori-Tech Pvt Ltd, have strong GAS & DIESEL engine population in Pakistan, having huge market share specially in GE Jenbacher, Waukesha, Guascor, & Man GAS engines.

Ori-Tech Pvt Ltd, have collaborated with SM Jaffer and RA Engineering in DIESEL division on the basis of outstanding oil performance in power generation.

Multi Tech Lubricant (MTL) have qualified Engineers to provide the better solution regarding lubricant at your door step. Our engineers team conduct Technical Session, Industrial Lube Survey, Work Shop (oil sampling, handling & Storage) and engine Video Scope in customer premises.


Compressor Oil Ori- Comp S2 R-68

Ori- Comp S2 R-68 is a blend of solvent refined chemically stable high viscosity index base stock and latest technology additive package. It contains effective anti-wear, anti-rust, anti-foam and anti-oxidant qualities.


Diesel Engine Oil

Ori-Tech DEOL CI-4 Extra high performance engine oil offering exceptional performance level to satisfy the most demanding modern designs of diesel engines operating under all conditions..


Industrial EP Gear Oil

Ori – Gear Oil GX is very high quality, extreme pressure lubricant oil, with sulphur- phosphorus additives, which has
been developed for all types of industrial steel gearing in sealed gearboxes…


Gas Engine Oil

Ori-Tech GEO 40-C is a new generation lubricant, with low-ash content, for stationary gas engines. Only very high –quality, nonconventional
hydro treated bases are used in this product


Hydraulic Oil

Ori- S2 Hydra is a superior quality high index, anti-wear hydraulic oil. It is carefully formulated with a high VI base stock and an advanced technology additive package…


Spindle/Circulating Oils

Ori- Spin is mineral based oil with advance technology additive package. It has excellent anti-wear and anti-rust properties. Ori -Spin is formulated for textile machinery operating at very high speeds. It is also suitable
for equipment operating at high rpm and light loads…